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螺牙规格:公制牙(Metric)、 PG牙、 G牙、 NPT牙。
Thread: Metric, PG, G(PF), and NPT thread

产品材质: A.C.F部分采用UL认可之无卤素( Halogen-Free)尼龙PA66(防火等级UL94V-2)制成; (可定制UL认可的V-0防火等级尼龙原料); B.D部分采用三元乙丙(EPDM)耐候橡月交制成。(可定制耐寒、耐高温橡胶;耐高酸碱、耐化学与抗腐蚀橡胶)。           

MateriaIs: UL approved Nylon PA66PA66(Flammability UL94V-2)forA. C. F parts, Weather-resistant EPDM rubberfor B. D parts. (Accept to make superrubber: resist high temperature rubber, resist strongacid/alkali,etc).

保护等级: IP68
Protection degree: IP68

工作温度: 静态一40℃至1 00℃,或瞬间可耐热至120℃。
Working temperature: -40℃ to100℃

产品特性: 本款超高拉力90度:弯角型的浪管盒接线头能依制定的出线角度固定浪管, 并大大地减低;弯曲所需的空间, 还能防止浪管过度的;弯曲所造成的破损或寿命缩短, 以及能保:护电缆线的弯曲部位。
本款高性能90度弯角防水尼龙浪管盒接头能完美地抗水压,是一款即使拉扯波纹管也能完全保持气密的产品。产品广泛地应用于移动式的自动化设备之防水、 防油与气密的场合 。
Features: The elbow tubing fitting is a best90° connectorforthe housing panel and conduit,that is commonly used when the conduit system is run in parallel to the housing wall and protect conduit from sharp bending. ln addition,,The product build the besttightening power by a very high and active compression force to resist the ingress of high pressure water jet from any angle which can provide100% dynamic waterproof and airtight performance over the widest range of corrugated tubings.
The product can widely applied to resist water impact or immersion as a tough cabIe protection system for any machines, devices and equipments with the very specifi demands.

CoIours: Black(RAL9005)、 gray(RAL7035),other color available upon request.

90° 弯角防水型浪管接头
90°Elbow Powerful Watertight Corrugated Tubing Fittings


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